“Words used carelessly, as if they did not matter in any serious way, often allowed otherwise well-guarded truths to seep through.”
                                                      ― Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

What do you call a woman with an opinion?


. . .

Why didn’t you laugh?

It’s just a joke

It’s not funny

Lighten up

It’s sexist

What now

It’s casual sexism

Oh, okay, Madam Feminist

“I’m sorry”

Why do you always have to make a big deal of everything

Because people can hear

Because people can feel

Can’t you just let the little things go

It’s prejudice

It’s just a joke



Rape culture

Not my culture


Not my problem


Not my responsibility



Day Five of Finding Everyday Inspiration: Hook ‘Em with a Quote



Just another day in Patna, Bihar
My darling Clementine

My darling Clementine

Woman in woods

♪ Oh my darling
Oh my darling
Oh my darling

You are lost and
Gone forever,
Dreadful sorry
Clementine. ♪

Every year on her birthday, her brother would play the piano, and her parents would sing this song to her instead of the usual ‘happy birthday’. She had just turned six when it occurred to her, that her father had named after a poor clumsy girl who drowned and became fertilizer for plants, just because this old American folk ballad had been her mother’s favourite song.

They’d been singing it that night when the men in cloaks came for her brother. They’d been singing it just before the men in cloaks killed her brother. She had slept with the words on her lips ever since. She had danced sadly in her dreams to the tune of her morbid lullaby ever since. Except, her ever since was over now. She wouldn’t be dreaming again, not for a very long time. It was time to wake up forever.

“Wake up Clementine. Wake up Clementine. Wake up Clementine.”

Clementine woke up. She would never forget that waking up. An eternity could pass and she would still remember the moment she opened her eyes and saw nothing but trees all around her. She was … in the middle of a forest?

And then she heard the voice again.

“It’s time Clementine. Come on Clementine!”

The question tumbled out of her. It was a question that had to be asked. And many had asked it before her.

“Who are you?”

She whispered this. Mad reason hurriedly sickened her with the thought that she didn’t know who she was either, and she swallowed hard as she searched for what she knew must be there, within reach, just forgotten, momentarily.

Please, please, please! Just momentarily.

Only silence answered her back.

To be continued…

Day Four of Finding Everyday Inspiration: A Story in a Single Image




New Moon - Anders Jildén
Image courtesy: Anders Jildén

New moon

The love of my life

Waxing crescent

I’m incredibly lucky

First quarter

Pushed down the stairs

Waxing gibbous

He didn’t meant it

Full moon

Why can’t they see me

Waning gibbous

Black, blue and red

Last quarter

Why can’t they hear me

Waning crescent

Sharp… silent… steel…

New moon

I’m free.

Day Three of Finding Everyday InspirationPhase



If you needed a picture to describe ‘Jubilant‘:

Juno’s first day at the beach!

photo 1 copy


50 before 50

50 before 50

Day Two of Finding Everyday Inspiration: Write a list…

I’ve always loved lists. When I was sixteen I made this list, in a journal I used to keep, of things-I-want-to-do-before-I-turn-thirty (I thought then my life would be over by thirty).

The journal was burnt in a fire and that list is no more – which is just as well, I’d done most of the stuff on it and so I need a new list anyway. An updated one – of things I want to do before I turn fifty. One that won’t catch fire.

And no, I don’t now think life ends at fifty, I just work better with a deadline. My fiftieth birthday is fifteen years away… only fifteen! I couldn’t hear the ticking of this clock when I was sixteen.

So here’s my list of fifty things I want to do before my fiftieth birthday:

  1. buy my own farm
  2. see the Northern Lights
  3. write a book
  4. fly over the Grand Canyon
  5. travel to Palestine
  6. commit to regular exercise
  7. walk on the Giant’s Causeway
  8. buy a jeep
  9. eat a chilli dog with fries in Chicago
  10. attend the Fringe festival
  11. learn yoga
  12. see Auschwitz
  13. grow my own vegetables and fruits
  14. watch Cats in london
  15. get a PhD
  16. knit a sweater
  17. learn to play the piano
  18. eat pizza in Italy
  19. fly in a hot-air balloon
  20. learn horse-riding
  21. go skiing
  22. learn sign language
  23. run a marathon
  24. travel to Greece
  25. read the dictionary front to back
  26. learn to make marshmallows
  27. watch Phantom of the Opera in London
  28. see Stonehenge
  29. learn to make wine
  30. fall in love again
  31. see the Colosseum
  32. go on a sailing trip
  33. meet Philip Pullman
  34. visit the Louvre
  35. learn carpentry
  36. stand under the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
  37. learn to surf
  38. publish a book
  39. listen to music in New Orleans
  40. watch Lion King on Broadway
  41. learn how to clean and cook fish
  42. see a lion in Africa
  43. read every Booker prize-winning novel
  44. learn Italian in Italy
  45. take a road trip around India
  46. learn quilting
  47. see the Pyramids
  48. learn to scuba dive
  49. see the Statue of David
  50. visit a castle in Scotland



I write because…

I write because…

I write because…

… I have so much to say.

… I think better when I write.

… I want to learn.

… I want to understand what I’ve learned.

… I want to share what I’ve learned.

… I read.

… I feel misunderstood sometimes.

… I want people to listen to what I have to say.

… I think writers are the coolest people ever.

… I have stories to tell.

… I dream.

… I’m bored.

… I want to get away.

… I can’t get away.

… I don’t want to get away.

… I’m scared of not writing.

… I love writing.

I must confess I am not a consistent and committed writer. I procrastinate, I make excuses, I justify – and yet I can’t seem to give up on it.

So this is my first post as part of a daily writing challenge – Finding Everyday Inspiration.

No more excuses.